From silence I move

Following the path that runs through the trees

My gaze wanders, as do my thoughts

Mother Earth gives so much for those who sees

I pick and collect, am grateful for all this abundance

Her treasures are becoming mine


To catch a dream….

JessiCatchers are dreamcatchers with a twist.

Each design is unique and especially made for you.

The JessiCatchers you see on this website have already

moved on, spreading their joy and happiness across

the world and are not for sale anymore.

If you are interested in purchasing your own

JessiCatcher please fill in the Contactform.

I will contact you as soon as

possible to discuss your personal wishes.


Until now, JessiCatchers were made to give children

solace and safety, as a matrimonial symbol,

for birthdays and other celebrations, as a meditation

focus and awakening of your consciousness, for a better night’s rest

and of course as a very personal gift to give

yourself or that special someone.

As JessiCatchers are all different in style,

size and choice of material and therefore unique, it is not possible

to put a standard pricetag on them. Only after discussing your

personal wishes by phone or email, an estimate of costs

and delivery time wlll be sent to you by email.


Native American

As we all know how dreamCatchers are supposed

to look like. Traditionally knotted in a metal or

wooden ring, decorated with feathers, crystals,

herbs and everything else Mother Earth

is throwing my way.


Inspired by the magic of beautiful Ibiza, the warm

sun and the turquoise sea and the most

remarkable people I have met over the years,

JessiCatchers have a special collection in which

driftwood and seashells, happiness and

style mix and match.


Wicca is, just like shamanism, an earth-based religion

or belief. It has his origins in Ireland, Scotland and

Wales. Wiccans feel a profound respect and great

love for our Mother. The JessiCatchers Wiccan

collection is inspired by the various sabbats and

can be used as an altarpiece or as focus during

the sabbats. JessiCatchers for magic work can be

especially made for you on request.